The Pacific Range facility in Clements, California is a perfect illustration of everything 'right' about their program. The right materials; the right barn design; the right feeding program; the right pasture care; the right conservation concerns for the surrounding habitat. Cam brings brilliance to their breeding program, Too Tall brings quality. It is a perfect combination.

The Clements property is perhaps the most beautiful piece of land in the area. Soft, sloping pastures with good drainage, over 200 oak trees, proper fencing designed and built to Too Tall's exacting specifications frame the property. The cross-fencing allows for rotating the horses on grass and allowing daily turn-outs for Cam's prized show horses. The barn, while a prime example of great design, is also a prime example of Cam and Too Tall's desire to surround themselves with all things beautiful. It sits under huge oak trees and is set to gather the breezes in summer and the warmth of winter sun.